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Writer, editor, alchemist, creator, artist, healer.

I’ve never been a fan of any of us having to define ourselves on an ‘About’ page, but these words are just some of the ways the people in my life might refer to me. 

Creativity (be it through a writing project or a spontaneous cooking session in the kitchen whilst blaring my favourite playlists) has always helped me make sense of a world I often don’t understand. Throughout my many messy life experiments, it’s been the only constant.  Even when I’ve abandoned it, somehow, in some form, it’s always found me again. It’s helped soothe my broken heart, ground me when I’ve felt adrift, and been a place to call home when I’ve felt lost. I don’t think some people are ‘more creative’ than others – I believe that pure desire to create is within each of us. It’s that little piece of our God-selves, our life force, the essence of who we are, and no matter what, it will continue to beg us to be expressed.

Writing and speaking continue to be the mediums that help me find my most authentic expression, and in my work as a copywriter & editor I love helping others find theirs too – particularly highly creative business owners who are dyslexic, or sometimes struggle to translate their innovative and beautifully unique ways of thinking to the page.

I’m glad you’re here, and if you decide to stick around to read or listen further, thank you.

Natalie x

My work might interest you if you…

  • resonate with wanting to stay connected to what’s sacred, artistry and the simplicity and beauty of life
  • are sensitive, empathic, creative and don’t really vibe with the way the ‘systems’ of the world work
  • love all things nature, animals, healing and living quietly and SLOWLY 🙂
  • are currently undergoing a major life transition such as navigating major loss or grief, or a spiritual awakening
  • just want to connect or collaborate with, or read notes from a like-minded, softly-spoken, solitary Soul 🙂

My background

  • 10+ years of freelance creative writing, copywriting and editing work with solopreneurs, creative brands and small business owners
  • Forrest Yoga 200 hour teacher training with Ana Forrest, Cape Town, SA
  • iRest Yoga Nidra 100 hour meditation training with James Reeves of Restful Being, Oxford, UK
  • Yin Yoga 100 hour teacher training with TJ Maher of YUJMU Yoga, Bristol, UK
  • 400+ hours of additional study & community service yoga work including 16 weeks of yoga & mindfulness for rehabilitation with those recovering from drug addiction at St.Mungos homeless shelter in London
  • 12 years of dance training including ballet, modern & contemporary dance
  • 5 years+ and continuing study of Crystalline Consciousness Technique with shamanic practitioner Chris Dierkes
  • Irene Lyon’s 21-Day Nervous System Reset training
  • 8-week Mindful Self Compassion training with Kathryn Lovewell of KindMind Academy
  • 36 hours of Family Constellation Therapy work with Alun Reynolds
  • 10 years+, continuing study of Natal/Hellenistic Astrology, Attachment Theory, Non-Linear Movement, Gene Keys, & Human Design
  • 10 years+ of a regular formal meditation practice
  • 10 years+ practice and continuing study of breathwork and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/’Tapping’)
  • 5 years+ practice and continuing study of Integrative Nutrition, Adaptogens, Herbal Medicine & Ayurveda