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Hi, I’m Natalie.

Thank you for being here!

I write what’s on my heart because it’s all I’ve ever really known how to do. Before I could write actual words, my Mum told me I would sit and draw squiggles on the lines in her notebooks, and as soon as I learned to read I was seldom found without my head in a book.

My hope is that my writing will offer others what I spent many years looking outside of myself for; space, simplicity, honesty, and confirmation that I could trust myself.

I write to remind myself and my reader that it’s safe to slow down (even when it hurts or feels scary), to breathe, to reconnect with our hearts, and be in our bodies. My writing intersects everything from the joy of beauty for beauty’s sake, to the insanity of the human experience.

Writing helps me make sense of a world I often don’t understand. It has helped me piece together my broken heart when I’ve felt lost or adrift, and my hope is that it can offer these same experiences for my reader.

I celebrate the light, but I also embrace the darker parts of life; grief, loss, perceived failures, struggles, and the moments that unexpectedly plunge us into the depths of our vulnerability (often without a life raft).

I value an organic, divinely timed way of living, the feminine, beauty, artistry, creativity and the Sacred, unconditional LOVE, innate wisdom, FREEDOM and intuition, and I’ll never tire of exploring the eternal mystery of the Soul.

It’s my intention to, as much as I can, continually create the space to listen to my own Soul more deeply, to keep having the courage to shake off my conditioning, pursue what’s true for me, and have that reflected in everything I say and do.

Maybe my words can help you do the same, or perhaps just offer you a little comfort, grace, hope or courage when you need it the most.

From my heart to yours,

Natalie x

My work might interest you if you…

  • want to develop a deeper relationship with yourself, your heart, your truth, and your Soul
  • are interested in exploring the feminine, mysticism or the Sacred
  • are highly sensitive, deeply empathetic, very creative and don’t really vibe with the way the systems of the world work
  • love all things nature, animals, healing and living quietly and SLOWLY 🙂
  • are currently undergoing a major life transition such as a divorce, spiritual awakening, or any form of painful loss
  • often find this world overwhelming and experience anxiety or depression
  • are new to or have been exploring conscious sobriety
  • are interested in diving deeper into ancestry, spirituality, attachment trauma and recovery from addictions
  • are tired of the drama of the collective and are ready to embrace deeper meaning and authenticity
  • just want to connect with or read notes from a like-minded, softly-spoken, solitary Soul 🙂

My background & work

  • Forrest Yoga 200 hour teacher training with Ana Forrest, Cape Town, SA
  • iRest Yoga Nidra 100 hour meditation training with James Reeves of Restful Being, Oxford, UK
  • Yin Yoga 100 hour teacher training with TJ Maher of YUJMU Yoga, Bristol, UK
  • 400+ hours of additional study & community service yoga work including 16 weeks of yoga & mindfulness for rehabilitation with those recovering from drug addiction at St.Mungos homeless shelter in London
  • 12 years of dance training including ballet, modern & contemporary dance
  • 5 years+ and continuing study of Crystalline Consciousness Technique with shamanic practitioner Chris Dierkes
  • Irene Lyon’s 21-Day Nervous System Reset training
  • 8-week Mindful Self Compassion training with Kathryn Lovewell of KindMind Academy
  • 36 hours of Family Constellation Therapy work with Alun Reynolds
  • 10 years+, continuing study of Natal/Hellenistic Astrology, Attachment Theory, Non-Linear Movement, Gene Keys, & Human Design
  • 10 years+ of a regular formal meditation practice
  • 5 years+ of a decision to pursue a path of conscious sobriety
  • 10 years+ practice and continuing study of breathwork and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/’Tapping’)
  • 5 years+ practice and continuing study of Integrative Nutrition, Adaptogens, Herbal Medicine & Ayurveda


I write what’s on my heart in the hope it will soothe yours.

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If you're still reading, thank you for being here.

My heart is with you for your journey, and I hope we get to meet one day.

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love, Natalie x