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Feel safe, feel seen, feel heard.

Let go, come home.


Are you struggling with persistent anxiety or grief?


You feel disconnected from yourself


You struggle to express your desires


You can't seem to stay present


You keep feeling 'stuck' or 'collapsed'


You're unsure of who YOU are outside of your family system




I work with you at a somatic and Soul level, allowing your whole self to be safely witnessed and remembered. My sessions leave my clients feeling grounded, at ease, hopeful & EMPOWERED.

My 10+ years of work as an ancestral healer allows the women I work with to remember their true creative, sensitive, empathic selves and return to their bodies, finally feeling safe in their skin again.

I can guide you safely to unpacking and clearing not only your ancestral wounding, but also to remembering the blessings of your ancestral inheritance too! There is so much beauty as we begin our journeys, even if they seem dark at first.


is for women who are new to ancestral healing and are currently feeling overwhelmed with where to start.

SPACE is the safe space you’ve been looking for to begin unpacking your ancestral wounding.

Taking place online, these 60 minute sessions are the perfect place to start if you’re new to my work.

I will also follow up with you via email after our session with notes and suggested practices to support your healing process, and my email door is always open to anyone I have connected with.



– Managing & transforming emotional and physical pain and grounding your energy so you can feel safe within yourself and in the world

– Dealing with an ‘awakening’ and understanding how huge transitory periods of life such as divorce or great loss can be catalysts in uncovering your Soul’s purpose

– Understanding ancestral conditioning, archetypes, and where you may be unconsciously repeating patterns that do not belong to you

– Creating healthy boundaries for yourself and others, practicing discernment, and effectively recognising and dealing with ‘toxic’ behaviour

– Working with your unique energy and innate gifts so you no longer feel like you’re trying to ‘fit’ into a chaotic world that doesn’t make sense to you

 – Tapping into and understanding your unique feminine power and energy

– Befriending and moving through depression, overcoming anxiety, and dealing with grief and loss as catalysts for deepening, growth, embodiment, joy, confidence and love


Natalie is a very special person to work with; she completely understands the spiritual aspect of our being and is able to integrate this fully with running a successful and fulfilling life. To anyone considering working with her, she is compassionate, genuine, down to earth but also incredibly inspiring in her own personal power and courage


Mel Skinner Yoga

Thank you! You are a true light worker!


Michigan, US

I now trust my instincts and make huge decisions based on my gut feeling about them – something that I would procrastinate for months over, prior to working with Natalie.



WHat does it cost?

Your investment for this session is £99.


Who are these sessions for?

If you are highly sensitive, an Empath or an energy intuitive and have been struggling to feel clear, centered and confident, these are a great way to experience what working with me is like and to feel more empowered. My previous clients have been coaches, healers, energy workers, nurses, songwriters, dancers, yoga teachers, nutritionists, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. The main reason someone comes to me for one of these shorter sessions is that they inexplicably feel blocked, sometimes frightened, and unable to clear something on their own.

What types of things have you helped people with in these sessions?

I act as a channel, so really I’m not helping, I’m holding safe space and allowing your energy and what’s blocking you to surface so I can feel it, mirror it back to you and empower you to make your own decisions. I’ve guided my clients through everything from shifting out of stuck lower vibrational states like loss and anger, unmasking anxiety, tapping back into their creativity and inspiration so they can go for that new job or project, or understanding deeply-held ancestral patterning that isn’t theirs.

What can I expect from one of these sessions?

Every session is different depending on what’s going on for the client, but what I can guarantee is that I’ll guide you back home to YOUR truth of whatever situation you’re wrestling with. Sometimes there are tears, whether during the session or in the days afterwards, but I provide the best self-care guidance for my clients when it comes to welcoming and understanding our more difficult emotions, allowing you to feel safe with whatever arises. I always encourage clients to reach out to me after a session if they need to.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still book onto these sessions?

Absolutely. If you have further questions or are unable to find a time that works for you, just reach out at

Do you offer refunds?

My client work is non-refunable because I have such a strong belief in the work itself and the clients who are attracted to me.

Do you only work with women?

Because I’m a woman and this is how I understand and move through the world in my body, my primary customer base is women but I have also worked with male Empaths and Intuitives in the past as well. If you’re a man considering working with me, feel free to drop me a line on the contact page first.

Who are you and why should I work with you?

Choosing to allow someone to meet you in your vulnerability is an act of extreme courage and it has to feel right for you. The best way to get to know me is to read the About page or get a feel for my writing via the blog. I can guarantee that this is a safe, nourishing and confidential space where you’ll be deeply held and unconditionally loved and these sessions are the best way to experience what working with me is like before you consider diving in to a longer commitment with me. Please note that I also offer complimentary exploratory sessions for 30 minutes where we can see if we’re a fit.

What if I want to work with you on a deeper level for a longer period of time?

I also offer a 12-week program. It’s a much deeper dive into soothing your nervous system, thriving as a gentle soul in the world and creating the life you really want.

I want to ask you a different question before I book, how can I contact you?

Feel free to drop me a line at